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The world leaders online sales of branded clothing and fashion accessories.

Since 2006, we've been developing deep experience in the fashion world and innovative logistics solutions, making the most of the full potential of online sales and digital transformation.

+120 Fashion brands+170 Countries we supply around the world+60.000 Shipments every year


Our warehouse is one of the best stocked in the fashion world: more than 500,000 products available for instant delivery: clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories from all of the best brands.


Technology, fashion, excellence in logistics and distribution.

These characterize our work, executed with rapidity, flexibility, and passion. A unique experience that makes us the reference point for the fashion market,WHO DO WE WORK WITH?

Brandsdistribution meets the needs of retailers, chain stores, online retailers, and leading online groups who want to boost their fashion industry business.

Our retailers rely daily on the services offered by Brandsdistribution, confident of the certified genuine products we distribute and the excellence of our logistics service.

540184 Registered Resellers


We have a long and widely recognized history of innovation that has allowed us to create successful services and digital fashion projects.

Our winning business model received confirmation in 2017 through admission to the ELITE program of Borsa Italiana, which chose Brandsdistribution from among the Italian companies with high growth potential identified by the London Stock Exchange Group.